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Visitors flock to see Shrewsbury Flower Show

August 16, 2011 0 comments

Greenhouse enthusiasts might be interested to hear that the Shrewsbury Flower Show saw visitor figures increase from last year's total of 45,000. The show, which took place last weekend, had an increase of 3,000 visitors on Friday alone and officials… Read More

Nana’s Tomatoes


I’ve been visiting my nana’s house, which contains the greenhouse of my youth. My granddad always kept up the greenhouse, which was very much an all-tomato affair. I don’t recall seeing another plant in there, perhaps the odd chrysanthemum, on… Read More

Could giant vegetable secrets be revealed?

August 12, 2011 0 comments

Greenhouse enthusiasts who have long wondered how to grow some of the giant vegetables that are often seen in the press may get a few tips at an upcoming show. Experts in nurturing the huge natural ingredients are set to… Read More

Garden produce vital for sporty people

August 11, 2011 0 comments

People looking to boost their sporting endurance may wish to consume food that is grown by greenhouse enthusiasts. According to performance nutritionist and sports scientist Laurent Bannock, fresh fruit and vegetables are vital to those who regularly participate in sports.… Read More

Parents encourage kids to start gardening

August 10, 2011 0 comments

More people from younger generations could develop an enthusiasm for greenhouses in the future, as parents are encouraging their offspring to get out into the garden. While question marks have been raised about the mindset of disaffected youth in the… Read More

Southport Flower Show set to bloom this month

August 9, 2011 0 comments

Greenhouse lovers may be interested to hear that one of the highlights of the gardening calendar, Southport Flower Show, starts later this month. The four-day event – which runs from August 18th to 21st – has a vintage theme and… Read More

Ventilation, Ventilation, Ventilation


Keeping a good airflow through the greenhouse is essential for healthy plant growth. It is especially important at the height of summer when temperatures outdoors can reach into the seventies and eighties (if we are lucky). To keep the air… Read More

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