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Scarlet Geranium

June 3, 2014 0 comments
zonal pelargonium 5 (edited)

This greenhouse family gives us surprisingly tough house and conservatory plants, also loved as outdoor summer bedding and happy in fairly cramped containers. These have gorgeous flowers and beautiful foliage year round in a bewildering range of colours. With different… Read More

Colour every day of the year

April 28, 2014 0 comments

With a greenhouse or conservatory it is easy to enjoy fresh flowers every day of the year. However this can mean keeping a large number of very different plants as each will only bloom over a limited period. Very few… Read More

A dirty habit but a beautiful plant

March 27, 2014 0 comments
N. sylvestris 4

Until recently greenhouse pests were fumigated with smoke from smouldering tobacco. For nicotine kills most creatures in addition to long term damage when smoked by us foolish humans. Tobacco is now considered a rather dirty habit but the plants themselves… Read More

Grow your own parrots

January 29, 2014 0 comments
parrot plant

A Parrot plant will be the most fascinating display in your greenhouse or conservatory. It will, if grown well be most impressive and flamboyant. Even grown badly it will still be curious and interesting. For this is one of those… Read More

There’s a point to Poinsettias

November 28, 2013 0 comments

More than just a greenhouse specimen this is a seasonal decoration, the Poinsettia with its striking colour is a lovely plant. But one seldom seen other than during the run up to Christmas. Few house plants are easier to keep… Read More

Peyote – Magic cactus

October 24, 2013 0 comments

You need a frost free greenhouse, warm conservatory or very sunny window sill for this gem, which is a guaranteed conversation piece. In fact this is not so much a gem as a god, for it is a venerated plant… Read More


October 8, 2013 1 comment

You might try and grow Acidanthera without a greenhouse, but only when growing in one will they come into their full glory. These are very tall, rather elegant plants when in grown in tubs under cover. Outdoors however, they become… Read More


August 23, 2013 0 comments

You don’t need a greenhouse to grow Dahlias but having one is an immense help especially until the frosts are over. There are Dahlias in almost every colour save blue with an almost extravagant series of sizes and sorts such… Read More

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