Enhance a garden ‘to sell a home‘

March 21, 2011 0 comments

Greenhouse enthusiasts thinking of selling their home should contemplate enhancing their garden to entice potential buyers, it has been suggested.

In an article for the Daily Telegraph, Caroline McGhie commented that a tree-lined drive is the number one way to guarantee interest, as it "immediately announces wealth and status".

Next on Ms McGhie's list were a perfect lawn and a spacious terrace for entertaining guests outdoors.

Also highlighted by the writer as key selling points were a walled garden and an orchard, the latter of which agents say "adds charm, especially to those who are searching for the country lifestyle".

Finally, she explained, the 'Monty Don effect' means lots of people dream of owning a kitchen garden, where they can have a greenhouse and cultivate fruit and vegetables.

In a recent article for the Riverhead News-Review, Beth Young claimed now is the time to plant vegetables to ensure the best results when summer comes.

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