Horticulturalist reveals her orchard adventure

March 31, 2011 0 comments

Greenhouse enthusiasts may be interested to hear how one horticulturalist got on creating her orchard.

Francine Raymond wrote in the Daily Telegraph how she decided to set up a collection of fruit trees because she "desperately" wants a garden that is productive.

Not only that, she was keen to create an area that is easy to maintain and yields plenty of edible produce.

To achieve her goal, Ms Raymond employed the help of Appleseed Landscapes, "a Kent Enterprise Trust initiative that creates meaningful employment and gives vocational training in horticulture for those with disadvantaged beginnings".

As a result, the expert was able to plant all of her trees and surround them with membrane to stop weeds poking through, plus a coating of Scottish pebbles to prevent her hens from dust-bathing.

In the future, she revealed she has plans to install a fence made of crab apples with a hedge of jostaberries.

To complement an orchard, greenhouse lovers may be tempted to plant pumpkins, as Martyn Cox recently wrote in the Daily Mail that they are a great addition to any garden. 

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