Winter greenhouses ‘can benefit from heated propagator‘

January 18, 2011 0 comments

Greenhouse owners who want to get things moving before the natural warmth returns in spring should invest in a heated propagator, it has been suggested.

With one of these devices, slow-growing perennials such as geraniums can be planted now in readiness for their flowering in summer, the Shropshire Star reports.

On top of that, houseplants, begonias and exotic specimens such as birds of paradise can also be brought to life early.

Heated propagators come in all shapes, sizes and prices so it is well worth shopping around, the article stated.

Richard Gianfrancesco, head of research at Which? Gardening, said checking how efficiently the thermostat regulates the heat is vital.

“This is important because windowsill temperatures tend to be unstable, in that they might have sun for part of the day and be cooler at other times,” he explained.

Earlier this month, former Gardeners’ World presenter Nigel Colborn wrote in the Daily Mail that January is the “ideal” time to plant roses.

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