Viburnum beetle named ‘top pest of 2010‘

January 19, 2011 0 comments

The top pest faced by greenhouse owners and gardening enthusiasts in 2010 has been named.

According to the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS), the viburnum beetle pushed slugs and snails into second place in its annual top ten, due to its tendency to devour the foliage of plants such as guelder rose and snowball bush.

The RHS produces a list of the ten most troublesome pests based on enquiries by members to its advisory service each year.

Commenting on the result, RHS principal entomologist Andrew Halstead said: "Viburnum beetles are in our top 10 list most years but they do seem to have become more troublesome."

Also in the list were cushion scale and chafer grubs in joint third place, followed by the harlequin ladybird.

Vine weevil, lily beetles, horse chestnut scale, glasshouse red spider mites and ants completed the countdown.

In a recent article for the Daily Mail, gardening expert Martyn Cox claimed building a bug tower is a great way to keep gardens healthy and entertain the kids.

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