Diarmuid Gavin: Gardeners are returning to tradition

January 25, 2011 0 comments

When people buy new greenhouses they may want to choose traditional styles.

This is because, according to TV gardener Diarmuid Gavin, current trends are moving away from unusual design and returning to more conservative looks.

Speaking to the Shropshire Star, he said the "wheel is turning back to the craft of gardening".

This means that instead of going for unusual accessories, people simply love working with the soil and the environment, something Gavin described as "healthy".

"In terms of materials and planting schemes, it's back to the style of garden we remember from our childhood," he continued, predicting the grow-your-own trend will also be huge as the year continues.

The TV personality believes green-fingered types will no longer be using concrete in their backyards, instead turning to natural stone and salvage material.

Gavin presented several shows for the BBC, including Home Front in the Garden, Planet Patio and Art of the Garden.

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