Gardening helps relieve stress, says expert

January 27, 2011 0 comments

Many people could find that working in their greenhouses and tending to their plants helps them to relax.

According to a piece published on by gardening expert Tom Selwick, getting outside and enjoying the hobby can relieve individuals of their "worries and psychological anguish".

It also helps them to forget about work and family life, he commented.

"Dead plants and aesthetic issues do not have to be stressed over, they can just be taken out or moved," he stated.

Ms Selwick also said that gardening is a subjective past time and there are no rules people have to follow when deciding how to lay out their back yard.

However, he explained that the more they practice, the more they will work out which species work best in each location.

This comes after head gardener at Pensthorpe Imogen Checketts recently told the Norwich evening news that the activity is perfect for people of all ages and helps to improve their wellbeing.

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