Gardening ‘sociable and great exercise‘

March 28, 2011 0 comments

People inspired by cultivating their own vegetables in a greenhouse or outside space may be interested in the opinion of one expert who has said this kind of activity can be great exercise and good socially.

Lucy Halsall, editor of Grow Your Own Magazine, commented that the gentle physical workout that gardening provides can keep gardeners supple.

She added that the interactive side of working in an outside space can stop older individuals becoming isolated.

"Going to a community allotment or a plot where you meet like-minded people is a great way to socialise and just keep informed about what is going on," Ms Halsall explained.

The expert went on to suggest that it is possible for those without sufficient space outside – particularly those who live in new builds – to get hold of a community plot and do their gardening there.

According to recent research from the Texas A&M and Texas State Universities, older adult gardeners were found to be more optimistic, enjoying a greater level of activity and having higher levels of energy than their counterparts who do not work in an outside space.

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