Patio Glasshouse

Patio Glasshouse

The Patio Glasshouse is a Mini Greenhouse that can fit neatly into any size of garden or outdoor space

The Hartley Botanic range of aluminium greenhouses for sale and a few points of consideration when choosing one

There are many things that you can grow inside a walk in greenhouse but one thing that no one has mastered yet, is Growing money! It Doesn’t Grow on Trees and nor does it under glass!

But we have all learned, especially in the recent past and current economic conditions two things:

The first is to make sure that our hard earned money is spent on products which will last. With many low quality products on the market it is essential to think our purchases through.

The second, which is equally as important, is that we are 100% sure and convinced that what we do spend, buys the best quality products.

The best aluminium greenhouses are made from high quality metal for maximum longevity.

At Hartley we rely on the reputation of our quality products and fine specification, our history, excellent service and most of all, the recommendations of our clients.

If you are new to Hartley, we strongly recommend that you extensively compare our models with comparable greenhouse companies.

For a like for like comparison.

Compare for example:

  • The History of manufacturing.
  • The design and its originality,
  • What are the true differences in construction.
  • Like for like specification and technical details such as: manufacturing methods, mechanical joints information, glazing system details, Factory pre assembly, and quality of materials used to name a few.

And whilst we cannot grow money in greenhouses, once you have researched and compared you will have the confidence to invest in a Hartley.

Over 75 years of the finest British manufacturing craftsmanship goes into every single greenhouse we build. That’s why our greenhouses last for generations. The Hartley greenhouses installed at Belgrave Hall in 1950, are still in use today (see our brochure).

All Hartley ranges are handmade to our demanding specifications in Greenfield, England, UK. Customers choose from a wide variety of existing designs or have their glasshouses custom designed to their own unique specifications.

Examples of our range can be seen at the Royal Botanic Gardens Kew, the Glasgow Botanic Gardens, Oxford Botanic Gardens, The Royal Horticultural society- Wisley Garden, The Winter Gardens of Aberdeen, Welsh Botanic Gardens, Ness Botanic Gardens, Horticultural societies, large privately owned estates throughout the world and certainly, in the most adorable and lovingly cared for privately owned gardens.

From the smallest garden plot in the grounds of a modern family home, to the larger space of country houses, a Hartley glasshouse will provide the space and resources to extend the growing season at both ends.

This is why we believe that here at Hartley, we manufacture the finest greenhouses that your money can buy and that ‘Nothing else is a Hartley’.

Why a Hartley?